Friday, August 12, 2011

New Fair Food 2011: Minneapple Pie

Fair eaters seem to be divided into two categories: those who like their favorites (and who have little room to add new options to the roster -- there's only so much one can eat in one visit!), and those who are always looking for the new and exotic, or, well, at least new. Those looking for new but with a familiar twist, or something as American as apple pie, can check out one of the new options for 2011: Minneapple Pie. "The Original Minneapple Pie" is exactly what one expects out of a fair-time apple pie: an individual apple pie battered and fried. The pies have been around for a few years now, and are currently making the rounds at smaller county fairs (and the recent Uptown Art Fair) before heading to the big leagues at their new space on the south side of Judson between Nelson and Underwood. And speaking of big leagues, you can also get a preview (or a post-fair fix) at the State Fair Classics stand at Target Field. You can also make a visit to Rogers, Minnesota, where the Minneapple Pie is just one of many tasty options cooked up by Minne's Diner. And, like any good business these days, you can also find them on Facebook.

Oh, and if you like the logo (and all related Minneapple Pie/Minne's Diner designs), thank local design experts Sussner Design Company.

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