Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alligators Spotted at Minnesota State Fair

The rumors have been confirmed: yes, indeed, there are alligators on the state fair grounds. No, it's not a result of global climbing or yet another worrisome invasive species. These alligators are fully Minnesotan in form: in other words, dead and served on a stick. You can find alligator and a host of other Cajun-themed food options, at Bayou Bob's, located on the southeast corner of Nelson and Dan Patch.  For those not into the whole on-a-stick thing, the basket of fried alligator comes in a basket accompanied by -- what else? -- alligator-shaped fries. And while I doubt most people seek out fried food for its health value, Bayou Bob's reports that, at only 217 calories per serving, its fried alligator  is one of the lower-calorie options at the Fair. 

For those of you who like to know where your food comes from, Bayou Bob's uses alligator meat from Parker Island Gator Farm, a family-owned farm and processing plant in Lake Placid, Florida.

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