Sunday, June 10, 2012

Minnesota's Couture Kitchen Designer (Apron Elegance Meets the MN State Fair-Style)

This is how I dress when I'm making stock or baking cookies. Sometimes I even match my apron and heels to my food -- the orange stilettos with the carrots, while the green pumps look fab with the roasted asparagus. You do too, right? If not, and your cooking wardrobe needs a little spicing up, might want to check out Rachel Hart's Apron Elegance booth in Heritage Square. This photo was taken in 2011, her first year at the fair, and I don't yet know if she'll be returning.

Last year in addition to buying glam aprons, you could have the lovely Ms. Hart or her assistants type up (yes, TYPE, as in peck it out on an old-fashioned retro typewriter) an "Aprongram" message to include with gift orders. Hart says she takes inspiration from the "greatest generation" and their gift-giving, but my guess is that while Grandma might not be so impressed with a typed message (typewriters might be seen as a bit fuddy-duddy by those who actually used them), your younger friends will find the typewritten gimmick to be killer-diller.

Rachel Hart is a Duluth-based apron artist. You can buy her couture aprons online, or check to see if she'll be making a return to this year's Minnesota State Fair. As I'm sure she'd point out, a snazzy apron would be a GREAT way to keep sugar crumbs and ketchup splatters from ruining your fair clothes, so might as well wear your new apron right out of the shop.