Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harness the Bear Within

You know the drill. There's a bear, his name is Smokey, and he's out to spread the word. Only YOU can prevent forest fires. Want to help do your part? One of the neatest Minnesota State Fair volunteer opportunities has got to be with the DNR. They're looking for both bears and "voices" -- the people who speak for Smokey, since we know bears can't talk, especially bears wearing heavy fake fur suits -- to work the crowds at the DNR building. You, too, could be Smokey (at least for a shift) if you meet the following requirements:

  • Are 17 or older
  • Are 5'7" or taller
  • Have a chest or waist no bigger than 46"
  • Must be able to handle the heat!
If you're short, wide, or don't like the idea of sweating under all that fur, you can apply to be Smokey's voice; you'll lead him around, answer questions from bystanders, and help Smokey and the good folks at the DNR remind Minnesotans of the importance of fire prevention safety.

In addition to fleeting fame and bragging rights on Facebook, volunteers also get free admission to the fair on their day of volunteering. To learn more about Smokey, as well as other DNR volunteer activities, check out their website. And bear with me here, as I throw in one last reminder: only YOU can prevent forest fires.

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