Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's TIME!!

That's right -- the Minnesota State Fair is now officially open for business, and has been for several hours. I have my tickets in hand, and will heading over there in about fifteen minutes. On the agenda for today: 
  • Ye Old Mill (with my son, Jack, for the first time!)
  • Mini-donuts
  • Stop at the Dairy building to check out the Princess Kay butter blocks in their mostly "before" state (and, I hope, catch a glimpse of some carving in process)
  • Pigs, sheep, and cows
  • Something on a stick -- a pickle, perhaps? 
  • Little Farm Hands with Jack
And who knows what else? That's the beauty of the fair -- there's SO much to see, and part of the fun is just wandering around and seeing what looks good at any given time. I have a lot of "must-sees" to pack in, but we're not trying to fit in all into one day.

See you at the fair!

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