Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Get Ready for Greased Lightning at Andy's Grille

While poking around at the fairgrounds last week, Bob Andrus of Andy's Grille invited me to step inside and check out what Andy's looks like in the quiet, pre-fair days. Take a good look, because come August 25 this space, along with its neighboring restaurants and bars, is going to be overflowing with hungry and thirsty customers, along with a roster of dancing staff members. That's right -- Andy's is known for their on-the-hour dancing, or, more specifically, for their rendition of Greased Lightning. Stop by and see for yourself, or get the preview courtesy of the wonders of YouTube.

If you do stop in to visit Andy's, make sure to wish them a happy anniversary -- this year they're celebrating their 25th year at the Fair. For those who are counting, they've only been Andy's Grille since 1998; before that the restaurant was known as Andy's Diner, and were located closer to the Grandstand. You can find Andy's now at their newer, much larger space on Carnes Avenue just west of the DNR building.

An interview with the extended family, as well as a glimpse into what it might be like to have been raised truly growing up "at the Fair," see Julie Pfitzinger's 2009 profile of the family-run business.

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