Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's 7:30 am -- TIme for a Corn Dog!

Photo courtesy Minnesota State Fair

It's here! That's right, the Minnesota State Fair is once again open for business. I saw the photos of all you hard-core fair-goers standing outside at 6 am. Some of you must be looking for breakfast by now (or, like me, are busy planning their itineraries for tomorrow or future days), so if looking for some new breakfast food-on-a-stick options -- start your Food Challenge off in style! -- this brand-new breakfast sandwich corndog should do the trick. It's available from Hansen's Foods on Judson Avenue, and is described as a "breakfast sausage link dipped in pancake batter, deep-fried and served with a side of maple syrup." Eat up; after all, the State Fair only comes 12 days a year. Enjoy it while you can.

See you at the Fair!


  1. I just realized I hadn't checked this blog in ages, so I've been catching up on some archives. :) When are you guys heading to the fair?

  2. Hi Cedar, I'm a neighbor from Kenny and just happened to be wanting to purchase this domain name for a project I'm working on. Would you be willing to transfer it to me in trade for some t-shirts? I see it's set to expire on 8/27 but would love it earlier so I'm ready for the fair. Please let me know if you're interested. You can find my contact info through my website Thanks so much, Cedar and I hope you have a wonderful State Fair season planned.