Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Improvements Coming Your Way in 2013!

There's always work to be done at the Minnesota State Fair. Maintaining existing buildings and landscapes, building new attractions, adding new public art, making tweaks here and there to meet the evolving needs of visitors... all this takes a tremendous amount of time and money. The Minnesota State Fair recently voted on nearly six million dollars of improvements to be made this year, including the following:

  • A new bathroom west of the DNR building
  • New roofs for the Ramberg Senior Center
  • Utility infrastructure improvements
  • A grab bag of "hundreds of painting, maintenance, and landscaping projects throughout the 320-acre State fairgrounds."
It's not glamorous, but it's these types of improvements and maintenance projects that keep the place humming for an INTENSE 12 days each summer. So next time you're there take a moment to look around, check out the landscape, and appreciate the massive amounts of manpower and money that goes into keeping our beloved Fairgrounds looking (and working) so fair.

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