Monday, December 10, 2012

Five Things: Sweet Martha's Cookies

  1. Sweet Martha's has been serving up cookies at the fair since 1979!
  2. When not practicing the art of cookie baking, Martha Rossini Olson is teaching art at Highland Catholic School in St. Paul [UPDATE: make that enjoying art outside of the classroom! She is now retired.]
  3. Sweet Martha's has a tradition of celebrities and VIPs getting behind the counter to serve up cookies to fair-goers; in 2004, Vice-President Dick Cheney took a turn as cookie vendor.
  4. Sweet Martha's is high-tech! In 2012, their 450 employees used the new "When I Work" scheduling app. Sweet Martha's is also on Pinterest
  5. They can bake more than 23,000 cookies in 12 minutes!

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