Friday, November 23, 2012

Five Things: Ole's Cannoli

  1. The name -- Ole's Cannoli -- symbolizes that perfect blend of Swedish and Italian food traditions! In other words, Italian cannoli accompanied by hot Swedish coffee. How's that for perfect Minnesota State Fair combinations?
  2. Co-owner (with her mother, Pam Olson) and Roseville native Marta Lindey now lives in San Francisco, where she perfected her cannoli business chops at local street fairs. Luckily for Minnesota cannoli connoisseurs, the Bay Area foodies gave them a big thumbs up. And as an aside, how come I was never lucky enough to come across these when we lived in San Francisco? Now I've got to wait until August to get my Swedish coffee and cannoli fix!
  3. It took three years to land a concession spot at the Minnesota State Fair.
  4. How do they stuff so many cannoli in such short time? With a sausage filler!
  5. New business, new baby: Marta Lindsey was pregnant with her first child during the first year of the stand. (and random suggestion for the Lindsey family: wouldn't a cannoli costume make a wonderful first Halloween costume?)
Did you get a chance to enjoy Ole's Cannoli in 2012?

Follow  Ole's Cannoli on Facebook or on Twitter, and visit them at their cute Swedish cottage in Heritage Square.

Photo: Minnesota State Fair.


  1. No I didn't get to try them this yr but you can bet next yr it wille my first stop and last stop at the great Minnesota Get Together! its gonna be a loooong wait! but worth the wait I'm told.

  2. My girlfriend and I tried both the regular kind (with pistachios) and the chocolate dipped one (with chocolate chips). Wow - they were delicious - a flaky shell and yummy filling. I ended up telling a lot of people about them - and friends who tried it were raving. This will be a stand we will make sure to visit every year - excellent addition to the Fair.

  3. Ole's Cannoli is awesome, I think it's going to become one of my must have favorites at the fair every year.