Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lynn's Potato Lefse

Forget all the fried food on a stick. If you want a REAL Minnesota experience you've got to embrace your inner Scandinavian. None of your ancestors ever sailed the fjords of Norway or tilled the fields of Sweden? No matter -- you're in Minnesota now, right? And besides, most of the "Norwegian" stuff is Norwegian done Minnesota style, anyway. So order yourself some lefse, throw around some "uff das" like a pro, and you'll fit right in.

Lynn's Potato Lefse, located in the Food Building, is the perfect place to start. For the uninitiated, lefse is essentially a potato tortilla. Spread some butter on it, add some sugar, roll it up, enjoy. Or splurge and order it with lingonberries.


  1. Love lefse! I knew you could buy packaged lefse and lefse-making kits at the fair, but I don't think I knew you could buy lefse in the food building. I usually just dash into the food building for cheese curds and then back out again. I'll definitely try some lefse this summer!

  2. Featured on Bizarre Foods America by Andrew Zimmern.