Monday, November 14, 2011

Destination: Clarks Grove, MN

Despite having about 23 years of Minnesota living under my belt, I still have huge gaps in my Minnesota knowledge. There are, for example, MANY towns I've never heard of, let alone visited. Maybe that's why I love walking around in the Fair's animal barns and checking out all the farm signs. It's a totally different world, and I find myself wondering about what it would be like to live in location X, or, for that matter, where exactly in Minnesota IS location X? This  year, I've decided to periodically post on various towns or hamlets who had representation at the Fair, starting with tiny Clarks Grove, Minnesota, home to the Busch family and their sheep.

Clarks Grove is apparently VERY small; I had a difficult time finding information online. According to 2000 census data, however, Clarks Grove's zip code (which may extend beyond Clarks Grove) had a popuation of 1,126 people, and 433 households. Clarks Grove is located in Freeborn County southern Minnesota, near Albert Lea. According to Mapquest, the Shepherd's Ridge sheep traveled approximately 92 miles to reach the Minnesota State Fair.

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