Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Fat Bacon. Any Questions?

A stand with the name "Big Fat Bacon" doesn't belong in Minnesota. Not because Minnesotans don't like big fat bacon -- there's ample evidence that they do -- but because this is the land of 10,000 words. We Minnesotans don't like direct. We dance around, ramble on and on and on, and take FOREVER to get to the point (or to say goodbye, but that's another topic...). In other words, Big Fat Bacon really should be called something like "Pretty Big, and  You Know, Fat, or at Least Really, Really Wide, Bacon," although I suppose that doesn't fit so well on a sign. So Big Fat Bacon it is, and I appreciate the direct nature of the name, Minnesotan or not.

So what IS "big fat bacon," you wonder? Besides the obvious, of course? According to their website, Big Fat Bacon is "1/4 pound of hand-sliced bacon flash-fried, grilled, maple-glazed, dusted with a seven-pepper and sea salt blend and served to you hot and on a stick." In other words: Big. Fat. Bacon.

To get a Big Fat Bacon of your own, the booth is located on Carnes, across from WCCO TV.

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